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  • OBD2 GPS Tracker

    Real-time GPS technology aim to help relevant person to remotely position any assets at any time. This live monitoring data can be used for inspecting child safety, safeguarding assets, Automotiv...Read More

    2016-11-11 19:59:08
  • What is telematics?

    Telematics? You may heard a lot about this buzzwords, but what is telematics? How it relates to our life? Fleetmatics Development Limited defines Telematics as integrates telecommunications and ...Read More

    2016-09-22 11:36:11
  • Brief Introduction To OBD2 Connector And Cable Family

    To control engine functions, monitor parts of the chassis and diagnose engine problems, OBD-II standard in all light and medium duty vehicle was introduced in the mid-'90s. Generally you can easily fi...Read More

    2016-09-22 10:33:19
  • Common Rail System

    Common rail direct fuel injection is a direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines. The merits of the common rail fuel injection system architecture have been recognized since th...Read More

    2015-03-18 12:42:59
  • Agricultural Machinery Industry Market Research & Statistics

    Global Agricultural Machinery Industry The world agricultural machinery industry generated more than $56 billion in 2010, the market is expected to expand at a near 8% yearly rate through 2015 ...Read More

    2015-03-18 11:46:10
  • Motorcycle in Europe (2014)- Market Sizes - New Market Research Report

    Recently published research from Mintel, motorcycle in Europe’s Market Sizes is now available at Fast Market Research Motorcycles in Europe by Mintel Global Market Navigator provide you with annu...Read More

    2015-03-18 11:40:04
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